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Since June 2006, Pacific BioLabs (PBL) has scanned, and will continue to scan, all study reports sent to clients, all raw data to support those reports, and any study-related documentation submitted to PBL. PBL’s hardware/software scanning system is validated to comply with GMP and GLP regulations and all scanned records will be stored indefinitely at PBL. 

Paper records and GLP specimens (tissue, blocks and slides) will be stored by PBL at no charge for the first year after study completion. Paper records and specimens are property of the client and will be returned upon request. However, as an additional service to our clients, paper records and/or specimens can be stored by PBL beyond the first year. Costs for return (shipping) and archiving (annually in January) are the responsibility of the client in addition to any costs incurred for test completion.

Archive options are available at the time of sample submission on the Laboratory Service Request (LSR) forms. Client specific options may be set as defaults for future studies or selected individually for any particular study.

Archive Options for Paper Records and GLP Specimens are as follows:

  • Discard (after one year) – Non-GLP Default (No additional charge)
  • Return to Client (after one year) GLP Default (Shipping charges apply)
  • Return Immediately to Client (at study completion) – (Shipping charges apply)
  • Extended Storage at PBL (after one year) - Invoiced annually for continued PBL retention.  After five years, PBL will request disposition instructions in writing.


           Annual Fee Schedule for Extended Report Storage

Number of Reports

(price per report)

(price per report)










> than 250



(Minimum of $30/storage unit invoiced annually for GLP Specimen
Extended Storage. A storage unit equals ~ 0.5cu ft)


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